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Welcome to Free Your Body Strength and Mobility for Beauty Pro's! 

I remember the years of building a new beauty business taking as many clients as I could and fitting them in until my days were packed. Within the first few years, the hours and days of sitting with only short breaks took it's toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I tried all of the things to help my body - massage, epsom salt baths, chiropractic, stretching and was even working out when I finally had to go to physical therapy. The damage had been done long before. 

After I became a personal trainer in 2018, I was introduced to Functional Range Conditioning to improve my mobility for strength training. My life and body were changed forever. 

This is the missing piece for so many of us sitting or standing in one position for hours working on clients. The feelings of tightness, pain and restriction in the body that keep us from feeling energetic, hitting our goals in the gym, and moving without feeling like crusty old bread. 

The Free Your Body programs combine mobility and strength training to help you ease the tightness in your body, build a resilient body and keep you healthy in your beauty career for a long time. 

Free Your Body is so much more than just a workout. It's a whole new way to connect to your body, to re-center and practice intentional self care. These workouts can be used alone or as a supplement to your current exercise routine in the comfort of your home with little equipment needed.

You deserve to feel as good as your clients do when they leave their appointment. It's time to take care of you - one class at a time. 

Available Classes

Free Your Body: Neck Class - Mobility and Strength

Is your neck aching and tired from looking down at clients for hours? Time for some intentional care for your neck. This class includes mobility and strength exercise for an efficient yet powerful workout for your neck and cervical spine! 

Free Your Body: Wrist Class - Mobility and Strength

Don't let the fear of carpal tunnel or having to cut back on clients take over. Protect your wrists with the Free Your Body Wrist Class.

As beauty pro's we have to consider ergonomics and the tools we use. Let's add in a homecare regimen in the form of strength and mobility for your wrists.

You'll be able to keep your wrist joints healthy and resilient while decreasing tension.

In this class, you'll be guided through movements to improve your mobility, flexibility and strength. 

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